Oops, we f*cked up.

Photo of a group of women comedians smiling
From left to right, bottom to top: Amelita, Host/Producer Kate Moran, Nihara Nichelle, Molly Brown, Jenn Welch, and Host/Producer Emily Duncan.

Okay, so actually Kate did (sorry!) –  due to technical difficulties, we were not able to post our April show recording. Which really sucks because it was an AMAZING show with hilarious stand-up and live music. Bummer. Even more of a reason to come check us out in person every 2nd Saturday at QED Astoria! And stay tuned for future shows – we promise we’ll get better at this whole recording thing.

Be sure to check out our awesome comedians from last month though – they are seriously talented.


Nihara Nichelle

Molly Brown

Dara Jemmott 

Jenn Welch 




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