White Trash, Colonial Man Face, and BDSM Julie Andrews! Our August 2019 Show

Carolyn Bergier, Lorena Russi, Lauren Clark, Jes Tom, Steph Shober, Lizzy Furey, and host Emily Duncan


CLICK HERE to listen! You can also catch us on iTunesSpotifyStitcher, and more! 

This month, the Revolution is back with FIRE comedians:

Lizzy Furey @thedirtbird

Lauren Clark @ClarkaLark

Jes Tom (audio not released) @jestom

Carolyn Bergier (audio not released) @TGICarolyn

Chloe McGovern @chloemcgovrrn

Lorena Russi @colonialmanface

Hosted by Emily Duncan @emduncaroo


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