Ep2 Elsa Eli Waithe / Too Many Actions! (To list in a title)

episode title card of Elsa Eli Waithe flexing her muscles

Episode link here. Or you can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts!

In this episode of the Revolution podcast, host Kate Moran (she/her @kickasskmo) gets real with the brilliant and hilarious comedian and activist, Elsa Eli Waithe (she/her @elsajustelsa). Listen in as they talk about how silly racism is, rehab, and what real activism looks like. Today’s Action highlight is actually many! Check out the website for the full list of actions to check out this week.

New episode with all new guest and actions to take on Tuesday! Link in bio to listen! Theme song by Toyomi Yoshida (them/they) @toyomistudio

Pay Elsa!



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@NYC_ShutItDown for #peoplesmonday

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Equality for Flatbush @EqualFlatbush


No New Jails @nonewjails_nyc

City Hall Occupation

*At the time of recording, the police had not swept through and cleared out the tents, resources, supplies, and people who were creating a place of refuge for protestors, homeless, displaced people, and more. But these movements are still going strong! Follow them for more actions you can take to support!


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