Backshots, Gum, and Goodbye to Sandy! Our first episode!

From left to right: Kambri Crews, Christiana Jackson, Kate Moran, Maryssa Smith, Amy Veltman, Srilatha Rajamani, Sandy Chansamone. Not pictured: Elsa Waithe

CLICK HERE to listen! You can also catch us on iTunesSpotify, Stitcher, and more! 

Welcome to THE REVOLUTION. This monthly comedy show features NYC’s most hilarious veterans of comedy, showcasing women and trans performers. And now, the Revolution is a PODCAST! This month, we send our co-producer Sandy off with a killer line-up, plus a special guest from the AFSC, a civil rights organization we’ve donated our modest profits to.


Elsa Waithe @elsajustelsa

Maryssa Smith @MaryssaSmith

Kambri Crews @Kambri

Srilatha Rajamani

Amy Veltman

and Christiana Jackson @incomparablemsc on IG

with your hosts, Sandy Chansamone @thelaotianchick

and Kate Moran @kickasskmo!


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