Dem Titties, Work Woes, and Dragons! Dragons! Dragons! Oct 2018 Show

From left to right: Rachel Green, Melanie Maras, Kate Moran, Kandyce August, Angel Yau, Leighann Lord, Jenn Wehrung

or CLICK HERE to listen! You can also catch us on iTunesSpotify, Stitcher, and more! 

This month, we have a killer line-up that’ll have you in stitches! With plenty of fun crowd work, applause breaks, and a very special powerpoint presentation (don’t worry, you still get it even though you weren’t there).


Rachel Green @The1RachelGreen

Kandyce August

Melanie Maras @TroubleJones

Jenn Wehrung

Angel Yau @AngelYau

Leighann Lord @LeighannLord 

with your host, Kate Moran@kickasskmo


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