Pee Cups, Cop Run-Ins, and Introducing Emily! Our Nov 2018 show

From left to right: Glo, Kate Moran, Maritza Montanez, Non Kuramoto, Emily Duncan, Angela Palladino, Mary Kate Doherty. Not pictured: Kristin Seltman

CLICK HERE to listen! You can also catch us on iTunesSpotify, Stitcher, and more! 

This month, we welcome our new co-host and co-producer, Emily Duncan, along with a hot line-up of some of New York’s funniest comedians!


Kristin Seltman (@KristinSeltman )

Non Kuramoto (@NyanChatte)

Maritza Montañez (@itzaritz)

Co-host Kate Moran (@kickasskmo)

Co-host Emily Duncan (@emduncaroo)

Angela Palladino (@angpal)

Mary Kate Doherty (@gotnutmilk)

Glo (@globjr )


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